The Journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A sponsored the 

NIMA Young Researcher Award

It was awarded to: 

Best Oral Presentation:

  • Aleksandra Dimitrievska (Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab): RD53A -- a large-scale prototype chip for the phase II upgrade in the serially powered HL-LHC pixel detectors
  • Raffaella Donghia (LNF–INFN and Roma Tre) Design and status of the Mu2e CsI + SiPMs calorimeter

Best Poster Presentation:

  • Jennifer Ott (Helsinki Institute of Physics): Processing of AC-coupled n-in-p pixel detectors on MCz silicon using atomic layer deposition (ALD) grown aluminium oxide
  • Mirco Christmann (Institute for Nuclear Physics, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz): Instrumentation and optimization studies for a Beam Dump Experiment (BDX) at MESA